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This page was last updated on 2/12/2023

I am working to update my LibraryThing, and all will be copied over from there when I am done.

This page is here to track all the books I’ve read, want to read, or am currently reading. There is little I will not read: from comics and manga to history books, children’s novels, horror novels, even some pretty dry books about criminology, everything interests me.

My two favorite kinds of books are antique children’s books and history books –all sorts, but I have a soft spot for history books for children, as they often have gorgeous illustrations.

I also collect religious books for children. As someone for whom books were a pervasive part of my unwitting childhood indoctrination, it is both nostalgic and fascinating. A particular niche interest of mine are Christian books that attempt to explain away or retcon scientific facts like evolution.

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