Let’s Catch Up On Posts! ๐ŸŒˆ

This one is from last Thursday. I started a stuffie bead necklace giveaway just around then, and decided to go for a walk to get more beads, and to get some stuff for dinner because Christopher was sick in bed. Had my TamagotchiOn with the cover that muninahandmade made and using a lovely lanyard by my dear friend Blankit.

I also got a little stimmy Halloween ball:

Recently I spent a night recently with Christopher watching horror movies (Midsommar and Hereditaryโ€ฆ awesome movies but can get fairly disturbing and gory for sure!) I had peppermint mocha espresso on ice, MoonPie for company, and my TamagotchiOn which I’m really carrying around everywhere these days.

I found an awesome guy to marry one of Kuromametchiโ€™s twins, the one on the left here. Super goth girl looking and I am so pleased because you canโ€™t marry the same gender in this game, so as my friend put it โ€œgay enough for meโ€. I was very happy!

A beautiful fountain at the mall. The water was pink!!

My ex-boss and friend (who along with his wife officiated our wedding!) took us out to dinner as a thank-you for having him as our guest for a week. The fountain at the outdoor mall was pink!

I couldn’t resist a selfie…

What else… Iโ€™ve discovered a meal I like a lot kinda by accident. Tuna with a bit of mayo, whatever salad I have on hand (usually spinach or an arugula mix) hard taco shells and a few olives, in this case tuna stuffed olives. It was very good!

Here’s some stuff for my plush bunny thatโ€™s coming in the mail tomorrow:

I think I’m all caught up now!

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