Snail Interactions

My snails live in a tank right next to me in my studio. So I observe them lots during the day (and save them from lots of falls in their sleep. Lol) I get to see some fun interactions especially as it gets to the evening, and feeding time:

This was right at feeding time. This little guy was exploring after the tank had been misted.

Well… he came across a party interested in other than eating or exploring.

This overture was… rebuffed.

Our second friend would not be deterred, and tried again:

(Much more relentlessly than a few silly photos can convey, lol..) Regardless… the point of giving up was so evident, and I know I anthropomorphise even snails a great deal, but he looked so sad!

After that they went their separate ways. Better luck next time, bud! ๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ’”

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