Fellow furry and dear friend Rileykit has, as many of you are already aware, lost his home in the devastating fires that are occurring in California. His family and pets are safe, but as you can imagine help is desperately needed. Here is a link to Riley’s GoFundMe, and if you can spare anything at all, I encourage you to help as you are able to:


Losing our homes in such a way is a fear we can all relate to, so let’s rally behind a beloved member of our little community to the best of our ability.

Even if you cannot help, signal boosting the heck out of this would be extremely helpful. I understand these are hard times for all. With that said, please consider the situation and whether you truly cannot spare even $10, even $5, for someone who is going through such a devastating material loss. While things can be replaced, it is a difficult road to get there. This community has surprised me by its ability to lift up its members during the worst times of their lives. This certainly counts as that, or would for me.

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