Okay Maybe I Do Need To See The Doctor…

I’ve been trying hard to ignore this, since my MRIs came basically clear. But something is still not right.

You might recall I had a big scare with “exertion headaches” (basically… TMI ahead, though I’ve mentioned it before… thunderclap headaches when I orgasm. The headaches, and the orgasms, were new experiences and came together.) My doctor was deeply worried and I had two MRIs. Nothing seemed amiss so she said I could continue, using painkillers for the headaches when they happened.

As weeks wore on, I no longer had a headache every time. Then suddenly, I did again: worse than before and this time on the other side of my head.

With the headaches came tingling, both in the area of the pain (the tingling starts first actually) and on my neck… my back… my extremities. Clearly this seems to be either blood pressure related or a pinched nerve or a spine issue, but anyway it is not going away. It’s stressful and worrysome and of course I can no longer enjoy what for me was a new discovery because I’m afraid I’m going to have a stroke or something.

My follow-up with the neurologist was in November, and until today I felt like I would wait, but I no longer feel safe doing so. I tried calling today but they were already closed, so I suppose I will call tomorrow.

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