Ever17 ~the out of infinity~

We finished Ever17! Honestly, I thought we would be playing it for weeks and weeks… as in, months… and there isn’t really a game I can play every single day for a minimum of an hour a day for months on end. When doing that, it is inevitable that at least a few days I’ll play when I really don’t feel like it.

So when we first started, half of me was excited, but the other half slightly dreaded it… just a little… I didn’t know if I would like it, and if I found that I didn’t, I’d have to still play the whole thing, if I didn’t want to disappoint Christopher. ๐Ÿ˜…

Now… I wish it HAD lasted months… it ended too soon.

While I admit I didn’t want to play every single day and sometimes I wished I could skip a day and have time in between to look forward to it more (which would apply to any game or book I am enjoying, frankly, as well as any tv show I am watching) on the whole, I immensely enjoyed the game.

The rest of this post includes written spoilers as well as spoilery art taken directly from the game, so it’ll be under the cut. IF YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED EVER17 AND YOU INTEND TO SOMEDAY, YOU SHOULD STOP READING HERE. Much like with Undertale, once you spoil this shit, you’ll never be able to enjoy it properly.

Most of my hunches during the course of this game were wrong, which makes me very happy. I’m good at “seeing things coming”, and rarely does any story surprise me. This one did, to the very end. It was fantastic.

I had three hunches that turned out to be correct-ish, one, I knew from very early on that it had to be Tsugumi in the lemur mascot costume (though naturally I didn’t know why.)

Two, I knew there was some connection between Sara and Tsugumi –my ideas of it were wrong though, I wondered if they were the same person at a different point in time, or perhaps a clone, just younger. I was thinking this before we even played the route in which Sara appears proper, so that was a decent hunch. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Sara, I have to admit, was my least favorite character… I’m not sure why. Maybe I didn’t like how she was drawn in some scenes (but this can be said of most characters except for Tsugumi. Tsugumi is perfect. We don’t count the closing image, because everyone looks a little f***ed up in that one.)

There were some really gorgeous scenes with Sara in them though. This one was my favorite:

Third, I felt from the start that Sora was a little messed/perturbed up in some underlying form, and… yeeeeah… ๐Ÿ˜ฌ With that said, I really like her character, other than when she wouldn’t shut up. Like any proper AI, she was both accommodating and pleasant, yet at times unnerving, and just slightly menacing.

It’s hard to choose a favorite character apart from Tsugumi, who is instant waifu material, and in an equally wonderful and terrible coincidence was basically the anime version of my real life tsundere crush, personality wise.

I felt every sentence she said and the tone and words she picked were just like she talks and reacts. But I’ve always liked characters like this, so I think she would always have been my favorite regardless. I’m so glad Tsugumi was such an important part of the game, with so many good scenes.

I guess my second favorite is Coco. I liked Coco and Pipi a lot.

Pipi’s whine when something bad happened would give me a terrible sinking feeling in my chest though. Perhaps because it was used sparingly, to very good effect.

I didn’t really cry with the game, except for at the True End. While I mostly didn’t see the twists and turns coming, the emotional moments had way, WAY too much preamble. So, stuff like Takeshi sacrificing himself for Tsugumi didn’t really have a chance to affect me that way.

Instead, it was the payoff at the happiest moment, when Coco opens her eyes, that got to me most of all.

If I hadn’t cried all my tears during the election stuff, I probably would have bawled my eyes out at that one scene and the ones that followed shortly thereafter.

Looking at that image more closely, what’s with the safety pin on Coco’s skirt? I don’t see it in the other images I saved for this post. Odd.

Also, why was Hokuto such a little bitch, omg. Who did he get that from. It couldn’t have been Takeshi OR Tsugumi. Christ. Maybe Takeshi was like that when he was young. With that said, he was kind of adorably earnest at times.

Finally there’s You. I liked You a lot too. Both Yous. She was so funny at times, so poignant at others, and baby You is just too cute.

Also, this scene:

We are playing Remember11 now, and it’s already deeply interesting, but my heart is still stuck in the world of Ever17, I don’t feel ready to leave it. But hopefully I’ll be making an equally mournful post about that game being over, a few weeks from now.

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