So Ends Another Good Day ๐ŸŒ™

Today was a pretty good day, other than a bunch of bug bites bothering me after mowing the lawn yesterday (no seriously… they are driving me mad! I got so many, too!)

Letโ€™s see… Tomoyo seems to be improving (again), I got a LOT of commission work done, played video games, adjusted my Internet blocks so that now the amount of time I spend on FA is also drastically reduced, and made a double-extra-check to ensure certain sources of online toxicity were blocked down to a molecular level on my permanent block list, the one I can never access even when my blocks are off.

Iโ€™m using a new Internet blocking app. Switched from FocusMe to Cold Turkey Blocker and itโ€™s so much better, less buggy, and more flexible. I can access FA at certain times now, but some profiles that could have been sources of just… bad stuff, are blocked forever and I can never see them again. That feels SO good. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

As far as games, Iโ€™m still playing Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and itโ€™s fun. I thought Lupin was the main love interest and I like him a lot, but I havenโ€™t figured out how to pursue him, so my interest went in another direction. But as far as looks, heโ€™s definitely the best…

Maybe itโ€™s the top hat. Anyway I ended up going after Van Helsing somehow. I like the hard to get type.

Yeah… Iโ€™m sure thatโ€™s all it is…

Overall thoughts so far: this story takes so many liberties with its historical inspirations that the glossary is basically to explain how X thing that means this in the real world breaks the rules in the world of the game. Itโ€™s so blatant that itโ€™s funny. Vampires make ZERO sense in this game. The dog sounds like a barking human rather than a dog. And Iโ€™ve caught a few typos.

But overall… I can see myself playing it a few times, and getting the sequel.

Anyway Iโ€™m tired and I have a long day of commission work ahead so itโ€™s goodnight from me!

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