Our Elves Are Here! ๐ŸŽ„

Our elves have shown up! I was afraid they wouldn’t, with the pandemic and all… but maybe all the early Christmas spirit I spread around the house confused them and caused them to leave sooner than normal, and so, COVID delays didn’t get to them. I gave them each a piece of chocolate to enjoy during the night.

They weren’t doing anything special this morning, just chilling and looking at the tree, as if waiting for it to be turned on. I was so happy to see them. They’re truly like old friends. Buddy has been visiting us since December 2017, joined by Sarah in 2019. I named Buddy after Buddy from the movie Elf, of course. It’s probably the most picked elf name there is, but it’s hard to resist such a namesake.

Elf, along with It’s a Wonderful Life, is one of the few Christmas (or Christmas-adjacent) movies that I have to watch every year, absolutely, without fail, and even though it is such a goofy movie I always cry at the part where Santa’s sleigh finally gains power and flies over everyone’s heads. I watch the whole movie for that single emotional moment more than any other reason. But of course, I love the whole movie. Buddy as a character is just so pure and sincere:

I didn’t come up with Sarah’s name. One time, Santa replied to one of my letters, and mentioned a naughty elf named Sarah. Eventually, Sarah came to join us (she’s Buddy’s girlfriend.)

I thought I might share a compilation of their escapades over the past few years. I will say our elves sometimes show questionable behavior:

Er, sometimes very questionable.

Can’t forget the best thing Buddy has ever done, though. He plotted with my other toys to do this. It was amazing, I’ll never forget coming down the stairs in the morning to this:

Here’s a few more pics. I have more, but the ones I’ve shared are the best ones.

I’m really looking forward to whatever they will get up to this year. My friend Nate has a Buddy of his own, but instead of getting high on cinnamon, his elf leaves him presents. What! I’m kinda jealous… ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

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