It’s A Cold Tuesday Morning โ˜ƒ๏ธ

Good morning! It’s cold again. Yesterday I got everything on my list done, and more! Winter Friends YCHs are shaded, more presents wrapped, and not only did I finish the line art for ODU, but I finished the whole design! And I did go to Homegoods, and got a Christmas mug, as well as a Christmas glass for my milk:

This morning I discovered that Mojito had helped Sarah carry Buddy down so he could have his cinnamon and move again:

I’m really glad that he is okay, though I miss them in my studio already.

Goals for today would be, prepare some Trellos, finish the Winter Friends YCH background, and flat several commissions. I also really need to get my last couple of Code: Realize entries posted before my memory of those playthroughs fades.

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