All Done… โœจ

I finished with the porch. It was about 12 hours of work over two days. It really can only be called a “passable” job even though the pressure washer was amazing and I really did my very best. I pushed myself as much as I could with my cramps but honestly, I don’t think I could have done better if I didn’t have them. I really, really tried my hardest.

Compared to how it used to look it’s certainly a huge improvement, but to have the result of so much effort not be the perfection that was accomplished last time is a real letdown. At least I won’t be ashamed to have Grandma spend time in the porch now, though.

When my two other roman snails passed away, I was losing so many snails to the mite infestation, that I couldn’t mentally deal with burying them. This little guy gets a better send-off. I have an elephant bush cutting I am currently prepping for propagation. I’ll put it in the pot with him, in about two days. Goodbye, slimy pal. Thanks for the smiles.

Charlie Bear Cuddle Time was “eh”. Which is good. I didn’t need to want any more bears. I spotted Tootles in the background, and that was exciting, though. ๐Ÿฆ”

Nothing else to add… I am now trying to catch up on chores. I am so exhausted. I didn’t even plan dinner. I feel pretty accomplished otherwise, but I can barely think straight.

I just hope Christopher is in a mood to look after me a little. ๐Ÿฅบ

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