Here We Go Again ๐Ÿฅบ

I’m up, but not feeling better really.

I’m still in a lot of pain, still feeling discouraged, and Tomoyo’s cough is back and worse than before. I fear Tomoyo has to be really, really close to the point where Christopher simply will not put another cent towards her (if he hasn’t gone past it already.) We’ve put so many hundreds of dollars in her since we got her.

Sometimes it feels like she has no redeeming qualities. I love her… but she tortures the other cats, is always sick with something, and destroys our house. She makes our lives worse. Because she’s so bad, I couldn’t bear to give her up. Who else would put up with her? At least I love her. But she’s a big source of stress of all kinds.

The truth is ever since we put the cat door instead of just leaving the door open for her (on the porch) her behavior got way, WAY worse. It’s so bad I’m kind of ready to leave the door open again. I just want peace. She will go through the cat door but, she hates it, so she goes outside much less often than before. And because it hurts her with her arthritis, Kotoko doesn’t like to go through it either. I really want them to use it, but… ๐Ÿ˜” Tomoyo’s behavior had improved tons when I left the door open for her, and now, gradually, it’s gotten so bad again…

Anyway not much else to write right now, I feel completely depressed, my body hates me, you know it’s bad when at 8:00am I want to time-travel to the next morning, Animal Crossing style, to see if I feel better then. I hope everyone else’s day is off to a better start.

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