Merry Christmas Eve! ๐ŸŽ„

Finally, it’s here! For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas Day, it’s really Christmas Eve. When I was little, we never opened presents on Christmas Day. It was Christmas Eve and you weren’t allowed to open them until midnight, not even one. And the next morning everyone went out to play and show off what they had.

When we came to the United States, in our zeal to assimilate we began opening presents on Christmas morning (with usually one on Christmas Eve.) But even twenty years later, my real excitement is for tonight.

On an exciting note, I was quite sure that Buddy and Sarah went away for the year, but they had a final surprise in store! I found them under the Christmas tree when I went to turn it on:

The letter is from Santa, too. I wonder what it could be! But then, should I open it tonight, or on Christmas Day? ๐Ÿค” I’m excited about the mystery so I kind of want to leave it til last…

I’ve been slow with my chores due to my tummy still not feeling exactly fantastic. I can tell the experience left me very dehydrated. So I’m getting everything done slowly but surely, while drinking a lot of Gatorade.

My mom is probably still sleeping or perhaps about waking up. She’ll be here around 3pm, I believe. I know she was very tired, as she always is these days… In the back of my mind I feel the time to take care of her is approaching faster than neither of us wants to admit. Mainly because I don’t want to wait until she gets sick or has an accident at work that prevents her from enjoying life.

I think if she didn’t still have Shampoo and Sweeney (the kitties… Shampoo is VERY old though) I probably would be seriously considering moving her in, but we have four cats already, Tomoyo would torture Shampoo, and Sweeney would fight with everyone. My mom is so alone and unhappy, and increasingly overwhelmed, and I worry more and more, but I know she treasures her independence, as we do ours.

It is not something anyone wants to rush, but while I hope it’s a few years away still, knowing my husband has always been supportive of such a thing has always given me so much peace. I’m not sure any other man I’ve known would have been okay with that.

Then again perhaps if I began to do more work so I could help my mom and she could take more time off, that time could be extended. I’ll certainly have to work if she moves in, so maybe it’s time I begin considering that as a first option.

Anyway! The post got derailed. I’m mostly caught up on posts now. It’s time to finish getting ready!

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