A Last Ditch Effort

Today I found that another of my big snails (the Helix Pomatia) had passed away. The new soil also finally came in, so I put a small sample of Otala Lactea with the new soil. I also reached out to a horticulturist for soil advice, but for now, I needed to at least test a change.

Meanwhile, all my other snails have been put in a single giant tank. Which is kinda cool to see, but also sad, since it goes to show how much my number of snails has diminished. I’ll update in a week with developments regarding the test of new soil.

Meanwhile, here are some cute snail photos and nonsense.

I heard a loud rasping noise from my desk, and it took me a while to find its source. Was he trying to make a break for it??

More slimy cuteness:

In spite of the sad times, I really love snails. But for this reason, I won’t ever seek to have Helix Pomatia again. I cannot provide the proper care for this species, I think, and it breaks my heart. They are the best snails ever. But any snails make me happy, so going forward I’ll concentrate on the snails I can best keep.

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