So, EMG Tests Suck ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

Turns out having your limbs shocked with electricity multiple times and having your muscles pricked with tiny needles while you are directed to move them is about as fun as it sounds, which is exactly NOT FUN AT ALL.

What I had was an EMG test. For some people, it hurts a lot, for others not at all. I didn’t know where I fell (it was somewhere in betweenโ€ฆ some stuff that doesn’t hurt others was really painful for me, and some supposedly painful stuff I hardly felt). For this reason, I avoided going into detail about the test in my blog posts and journals, because I didn’t want to know anyone’s experiences. All in all it was a little worse than I expected, but it’s over now, and Christopher got me a dinosaur. I’m calling him Rusty:

Doctors are continuing to do multiple tests to figure out why my limbs are going to sleep randomly in the middle of the night (random limbs, and always the full limb.) Exhaustive bloodwork is all good, MRIs are all good, and now the EMG is (on the surface) also okay. But I may have more news in a few days.

Right now I’m mostly just relieved, but it was a scary and painful test. I’m glad it’s over. To be honest, I’m really proud, I was so scared, but I didn’t ask for Christopher to come with, I didn’t bring any toy to comfort myself, which I normally would have done. I know there isn’t much pride in deciding to act like a grown-ass woman at 37, responsible for my own health, but I’m so scared of medical procedures and tests, so I am allowing myself a little self satisfaction.

Anyway, after taking AGES (two months maybe?) my new spacebar arrived so my keyboard looks even cuter!

Neurologist Appointment Today ๐Ÿง 

Today at 2:30pm is the doctor’s appointment and test that has me really stressed out. Perhaps as a consequence of this, I feel terribly hungry. So, it’s hard. I’m trying to keep myself distracted. There’s been a lot of eating out this weekend, and while I am grateful for this and enjoy it, it has also been terribly frustrating and sabotaging of my efforts. I have one more meal out to go (tonight) and I hope to enjoy it but I also want to get back to not eating out.

Yesterday though, at the restaurant, they had an adorable snail decoration. I just had to take a picture:

I’ve been moving more and more IG posts over to here. I have 1,300 or so posts to go. This sounds like a lot, and it is, but I have moved hundreds and hundreds of posts already… I’m so eager for the day that everything is documented here and I close that account.

I guess it’s time to get my day started properly. I have a lot to do. Housework, commission stuff, my pets, exercise. I better get to it.