Snails And Worms, Oh My ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ›

Some interesting things have been happening in the snail tanks. For one, I’ve caught my milk snails and roman snails breeding about three times now:

Sometimes, the milk snail/s will come along when the roman snails are in the middle of breeding, and just kinda… push their way in:

Especially when looking at this video, I don’t know that they can actually penetrate and hold it the necessary time…

Even if they did, I don’t know that they could lay proper eggs. It sure doesn’t stop them from trying, though, and the two roman snails continued their own encounter after they had both fondled the milk snail for a while~

You may remember that I recently mentioned rescuing a worm from my porch. Having learned that some people keep worms with their snails (as they eat the poop and other stuff) I’ve decided to give it a try. I currently have three worms in the tank. They hide during the day, but at night, very soon after I turn off the lights, if I come back to check on them they are on the surface and eating. I admit, I really like worms. They may become a thing for me, if I can keep them alive.

Here’s a little photoset, showing my snails with their new wriggly friends:

I did get some video of my worms in their new digs as well:

Here’s a video from the side:

Did you know that worms have five hearts? They’re very interesting creatures. Well, perhaps hearts isn’t too accurate… they possess a heart-like structure called an aortic arch. Five of these arches pump blood around the worm’s body!