Weekend Recap & Time To Relax

Now that family has gone home, I can finish catching up on my blog. All my fitness posts that wered backed up have been published!

We went to Dragon PhแปŸ again. Grandma had phแปŸ for the first time:

I had rice, salad, a fried egg and tofu. The grilled tofu here is really amazing. I can’t wait to go again.

Later in the evening, as a final celebration, we went to Texas de Brazil near Gulfstream. One of my favorite restaurants. So it was very disappointing that everything, from the food, to the service to the atmosphere, was so sub-par.

This place is ridiculously expensive, and since Grandma wouldn’t do sushi (Christopher’s actual birthday pick) we went here, which was my choice. I felt SO bad that I subjected everyone to such a mediocre yet overpriced meal. Enough that today I left a pretty scathing review, my first time leaving one for a restaurant. I think we still all had a good time… but I keep thinking of that bill and feeling so responsible.

Anyway! Other news… I’ve found a Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Deluxe Roundhouse on OfferUp for a very affordable price compared to, well, anyplace else –not cheap, certainly, but cheap enough that I do have a concern the seller might decide to cancel the order on me. Seller still has the box, and it seems it’s been put together but never played with, at least it’s described as such. It looks like this, but the one I found is an older model:

My friend Island readily got it for me in exchange for some artistic freedom art. Now, to see if it actually makes it to me… I haven’t had much luck with mail lately. My BigJigs dinosaur set has seemingly been lost in the mail, and I’m in the middle of a PayPal claim for some keycaps I ordered last year.

ALSO, I may or may not be planning to wear this during our upcoming anniversary trip:

Not sure how long this new special interest is gonna last, but while it lasts, I’m gonna enjoy it. It was certainly an unexpected one to get. Though at this point, I admit it’s become more about the Thomas stuff (well, the books/old tv show rather than Thomas the character) than about anything else. I just didn’t expect to love it this much. He’s such a smug bastard. They all are.

One BIG bit of news I have is that my citizenship interview finally has a date: April 21st! So I have to get to studying.

I have nothing left to share, just chores to do. Oh yeah and Kotoko seems to have a UTI. So, dealing with that as well. Hope everyone reading this had a nice weekend.

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