Ups And Downs ๐ŸŽญ

Today was going really well. I was getting my chores done, and my exercise, and I was eating decently. Our good friend visited after a long time and Christopher was really happy. I was doing my own thing, but happy to hear their noise and friendly arguments from my own room.

For lunch, I had an egg, rice and tofu:

Around 1:30pm our day took a turn for the bad.

Poor Kotoko’s urinary infection/kidney stone/crystals, whatever it is that we medicated her for and thought had cleared, suddenly flared –badly. She began trying to pee all over the place, little drops tinted pink with blood. She vocalized, groomed/licked her private area, and scooted. She looked so miserable, that from when this began to when we were out the door after speaking to the vet took 15 minutes max.

And now we are home again, with a cat that is effectively tripping balls on opiods:

They’ve made her paranoid and anxious, poor baby, but she is not in pain right now. A urine test is being done to check for crystals and any indication of a tumor, she’s on stronger antibiotics, and we ordered a special dry food (in case it IS crystals.) She’s also on two more different pain meds when this wears off. And should she not improve, an x-ray will be needed. Our vet did confirm that her bladder was empty but very inflamed and painful. She was also given fluids to help pass the stone –if it is a stone.

After all of this sort of calmed down, I went out on my kick scooter. I went to Target and got some small weights (just three pounds each) to strengthen my wrists. I may include them in my morning walks too, but not yet. Right now I’m just following advice to reduce my wrist pain and risk of injury –and strengthening them, with care, seems to be the thing I need to do.

On the way back, as I was crossing Pines, there was a big shiny fire truck waiting at the red light. For some reason, right when I was walking in front of it, I had a deep and irresistible childish urge to wave at them and smile –they were three to four guys, fairly young looking, all squeezed into the cab (if that’s what you call it). They seemed delighted and all smiled brightly and waved back at the idiot with a pink helmet.

It happened in like five seconds but for some reason made me happy and made me feel extremely and genuinely Little –something that rarely happens. So I wanted to write about it, but in retrospective it was such a minor thing. ๐Ÿ˜…

Anyway, I’m going to finish my chores, shower and get in bed. I plan to get another morning walk in tomorrow. And hopefully Kotoko improves soon, it’s a big stress on my mind. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and that you have a lovely night.

2 thoughts on “Ups And Downs ๐ŸŽญ”

  1. Poor Kotoko. ๐Ÿ™ But also, at the same time…kinda “LOL She’s so high right now. Look at that face.”

    She can be part of the “Sicky Black Cats” club with my Kiki. Kiki is on special vet food for her horrible allergies. (Which is why I seldom post pictures of her…everyone invariably starts yelling at me about her eyes/skin and I’m just like “Yes. I KNOW.”)

    I had a male cat who had to be on the prescription cat food for his senior years. He had chronic issues with bladder stones/grit and it really helped him a lot. He stopped getting UTI’s and seemed to feel loads better. (He also loved it and couldn’t eat it quick enough.)

    1. I’m so sorry about Kiki… our rat Casper had awful genetics and was such a blob, like imagine those hyper weight gain images from FA. There was nothing we could do about it as much as we did try (our other rats were not like this, he didn’t even eat that much). But we LOVED him, we loved him desperately! Yet we didn’t often want to share pictures because we’d get called terrible owners. And I do get it because when I see people go “oh chonky baby absolute unit” at morbidly obese animals I don’t think it’s cute. It’s often the fault of the owners. Nonetheless… it sucked when it happened to us unfairly.

      Then there is Rosie. Despite how she looks, she’s brushed biweekly and I never find a mat on her. But people who see her photos insist she is “matted to hell” and “brush your cat” etc. Frustrating. People will judge a lot from a photo.

      I hope the prescription food helps Kotoko. We love her so much. Thank you so much for commenting. I actually updated the post with something that happened today that I forgot to include –my bad.

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