State Of The Snells: April ’21 Edition ๐ŸŒ

So, right now, I’m not sure how many snails I have. Certainly, the number has diminished, as they are all in the 20 gallon tank. Mortality among the young poms has been quite low, but a couple of my adult poms (age unknown) have died, one of them this morning, my biggest, after two days of lethargy. I definitely will keep his shell, as I treasured him a lot. At the same time, after weeks of “rest”, two poms started breeding again, so another clutch might be incoming. I adore poms with my whole heart and keep them all, so I do hope for this to be the case.

Meanwhile, mortality has been high in the only milk snail clutch I had. I knew this would be the case, it was a poor quality clutch that I would not normally have hatched. However, it was the only clutch my first three milk snails lay, after their weeks of suffering with mites prior to passing. I could not bring myself to destroy it. Some snails from this clutch, however, are thriving.

This is my last Helix Aspersa. He was from a poor quality clutch, but so far he’s survived over a year, and seems to be enjoying himself.

This video was taken after the last tank-cleaning. I found the way this milk snail was eating while being suspended from the leaf to be quite funny. With each bite he bounced a little bit:

I leave you with a little video of a grooming pom. I’m only 80% sure, but I believe this is the little guy that passed away today. I will miss him.

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