Not Happy To Announce This, But Back On Twitter (Sorta) ๐Ÿ˜ž

NOTE: I have left Twitter again (permanently this time) so the link was removed. I've edited this post but left it up for posterity's sake.

Hey everyone. As the title says, I get no pleasure from making this announcement. But, it wasn’t until recently, when I developed an art style that allows me to finish a minimum of one commission per day, to sometimes two or three, that I realized that my clientele here on FA is just not enough to cover the slots I am now able to put out. The same wonderful, faithful repeat clients can only do so much for me, and it’s a burden on them to know I depend on them so much.

Given that I use Postybirb now, I feel perhaps there is some way for me to avail my work and announcements to people on Twitter without having to interact directly with the site. So while I am back in a limited, crossposting capacity by using automated software, this is something that I REALLY want to emphasize:

Please do not expect interaction from me on there. I won’t see your comments very often, and I won’t follow anyone.

I hate Twitter. I’ve agonized over this. I do not want to interact with anyone on Twitter. This is merely done as a convenience to people who only book slots that pop up there. Artwork aside, to anyone, friendly or not, who tries to pull me into any anxiety-inducing situation, be it gossip, the daily drama/discourse, whether with good intentions or not, I will be very harsh in blocking.

I do not care if you don’t like my followers. I do not and will not curate who follows me. My mental health cannot handle this, so please curate your own spaces but do not ask me to make changes for your mental health at the expense of my own. Do not send me callouts, helpful warnings/bewares, do not tell me if someone is talking badly about me. PLEASE ESPECIALLY THE LATTER. I don’t want to know. If you care about me, please spare me.

I’m setting up my Twitter in a way that won’t really allow for much direct interaction with me, which I’m likely to miss anyway. I’m not installing the app, and you can’t DM me there, but you can follow me. You will see my art and commission postings there now, as well as stream and blog announcements, so you won’t miss out. I know many of you are only rarely here, and mostly on Twitter.

I was very happy to leave that siteโ€ฆ I am only making this adjustment, with a lot of caveats, because paying off my debt and taking care of my mom is really important to me. But I am afraid of doing this because it was so bad for me. I was miserable before. I don’t want to get like that again. I’m hoping I won’t.

My account there is [REDACTED]

You’re welcome to follow me, and RTs of my work and commission slots are very, very deeply appreciated. I’ll be unlocking the account after a couple more tests.


It’s only so you can see my art there and catch commission slots. Thank you!

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