Birthday Tea Time!

My cramps were terrible this morning —the worst they’ve been in maybe 3 years. Tea almost had to be cancelled! But four painkillers and a hot compress later, I managed to get ready to go… no fancy dress this time. 😟 I couldn’t handle it feeling like that. I still felt decently cute, though.

Oh yeah –somehow, I forgot to show off this bag until today! The reason is that I got it during the recent vacation, as an early birthday present from Christopher. By which I mean I saw it at Boxlunch while Christopher was miles away (we spent that day in separate places) and I told him I’d had to have it even if I overdrafted my bank account. So, would he go halfsies with me on it as a birthday present?

In the end, he covered the whole cost, knowing how much this movie means to me on a spiritual level. 😁 But I wasn’t allowed to touch or take photos of it or anything until my actual birthday. And then I forgot because I’d hidden it. Anyway –here it is!

Christopher wore one of Grandpa’s shirts today, so I took this photo to send to Grandma. It’s been just a couple of days since the first anniversary of Grandpa’s passing… The flag was a gift from Grandma too so I included it in the photo:

Mignon was my companion for this outing!

🍰🎀 Time For Tea 🎀🍰

Here’s Mignon with my first tea pick, a peaches and cream tea. It’s a favorite of mine.

Then we had quiché and tomato soup!

Finally the best part came! I didn’t take a photo of the tray this time… It’s the same as usual –lots of delicious finger sandwiches and sweets.

They always put so much effort in the little details!

We took our time and really enjoyed ourselves. It’ll be a while before we get to go again.

After tea, we went to walk around Tate’s Comics. Then Christopher began to look for some other place to go before heading home, but so many old places we frequented had shut down permanently because of Covid… I just sat and played with Mignon while he looked on his phone.

Mignon might have gotten a little restless after a while…

Eventually we went to a retro antique store and to a thrift shop. We didn’t have any intention of shopping, but I found this book for just $1:

If you know these characters (you probably don’t) you know how hard this stuff is to find! Can’t beat it at just one dollar.

It really was a wonderful time. I didn’t have the heart to tell Lia (the owner) that it might be months/over a year before we can go again. 😢With our current situation, I think we will be lucky to be able have such a treat for our next anniversary… but it was such a lovely time, and I feel so lucky that we didn’t have to cancel it.

Last Bits Of Birthday Stuff (Part #1) 🎁✨

My last bit of birthday stuff (mostly Amazon gift card stuff) is arriving today and some arrived yesterday! I really ended up spoiled beyond belief… I will say that, considering that luxuries such as these are gonna go out of the window starting in August, I’m so glad that I have so much stuff to have fun with for a long while.

🐣 Kiddy Stuff 🐣

First is this Bingo night light! I’m going to enjoy looking at it every day on my desk while I work:

Here she is all lit up! You can’t turn the light off –it goes off by itself after a few minutes.

Here are some more vintage unopened trading cards. So much nostalgia!! Can’t wait to open these and scrapbook with them!

These things can be really hit or miss though. Sometimes I get a lot of “puzzle piece” type cards…

Next –more stickers!! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Crayon Shin-Chan this time. 👀

Then there’s another book for scrapbooking art into my journal. I have one more of these coming later today.

🌈 Other Cool Things 🌈

I had a lot of these books on my wish list and was really glad to get at least one. It’s absolutely fantastic! If you’re a writer I highly recommend it.

The way it works is, you look up an emotion, and for each emotion you get a wealth of expressions that you can use to express that particular state of mind. It’s just so cool.

Finally —this wasn’t a birthday present. I preordered this AGES ago… it finally came today. (* ̄∀ ̄) ✨

I really did buy a lot of crap before things went south recently… 😅 and other than Grandma’s check (which I saved) I pretty much spent all birthday money right away, too… I wanna make sure it is clear no donation money went to any of this junk. It was either purchased before or with gift cards/money given to myself with the caveat that it was to be used for birthday treats.

Also. I think you all know this, BUT… my spending sprees often coincide with depression. 😓 You can often tell I’m depressed even if I’m seemingly super happy by how much s**t I buy in a given period of time, even if I seem super happy in my posts.

With that said, it definitely won’t be possible going forward for a while, so I’ll have to find a different coping mechanism. 👀💦 Thankfully, I have a lot to entertain myself… and the ISO Story Time Zoom meeting did me tremendous good too!

To be clear, no one has given me a hard time about this at all… but I worry about perception, so I wanted to set that straight.

I think that’s all for this post. I’m working really hard. Things are still fairly stressful at home, but taking time every few days to relax doing wonders for my mental health. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!