These last few days have been a little rough. And, I think, they are still going to be rough for a bit. Iโ€™m trying my best to get through them, do all that I need to do, take care of my little menagerie, my husband, my commission load. Yesterday morning I worked on commissions for a while and got some good progress underway:

I also did a little bit of Christmas shopping today.

We went out to lunch yesterday, our very good friend took us to a ramen place weโ€™d never been to before:

The food was fantastic, but, even though I hadnโ€™t eaten all day, I had to force it down. I felt very hungry but had zero appetite if that makes sense. I actually didnโ€™t feel well most of the day. By the late afternoon I had a really bad, throbbing headache and as the evening wore on, it became the worst I had in months, easilyโ€ฆ even now, I have some dull leftover pain from it.

Today I feel really out of it. As if Iโ€™ve been hit on the head with a hammer and been left dazed and achy. Iโ€™ve been kind of on the verge of tears from time to time since yesterday, maybe itโ€™s just stress, I donโ€™t know, but I really have to pull myself together.

Anyway, this is just a heads-up if you are waiting to hear back on anything please bear with me. Iโ€™m overwhelmed and stressed and very sad at times, itโ€™s going to get better but right now I may not be very available online. Even if you see me post about gaming or some fun on the side, Iโ€™m really struggling in ways I donโ€™t want to go into.

Artwork is still on track and on time, and it is getting done, but as far as functioning beyond that, please donโ€™t expect a lot from meโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll be back to normal soon enough.