A Wonky Weekend But It Was Okay After All ๐Ÿ˜Š

You canโ€™t force a good day out of sheer will, but I think I helped it along a lot today.

My headache came and went, sometimes it was bad, and a few times today I did feel pretty low mood-wise. But I powered through all my chores, I worked on my blog, on commissions, I took care of the animals, did the grocery shopping, made Christopher a good meal (wellโ€ฆ there was an honest attempt), and made time to spend with him. That was important.

I also updated my character on Guild Wars 2, I want to make yet another attempt to get into this game since itโ€™s something that Christopher enjoys. I will say that, after this revamp, this is the most Iโ€™ve ever liked my character:

Right now Iโ€™m reading a bedtime story with Rosie, who as of writing this has cuddled up next to me after inspecting my book:

Anyway. Itโ€™s supposed to rain on and off all day tomorrow, but Iโ€™ll try to go on my walks, all the same. Iโ€™m hoping for a week of posting lots of commissions and Iโ€™ll be looking forward to a visit from my mom in law this weekend. She asked for empanadas so Iโ€™ll be making that.

Iโ€™m rambling (and possibly blowing my bedtime further? probably notโ€ฆ ๐Ÿค” to write this) so Iโ€™ll sign off hereโ€ฆ goodnight, everyone!

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