Selfie Time! Plus Other Stuff ๐Ÿคณ

I’ll say right from the get go that this post just feels weird, because it has literally three selfies, and that’s two too many. I like to document my daily outfits so I can replicate them later. But today I put two outfits together that I loved, and also wanted to show off my new choker, so you get three selfies. It’s an unusually narcissistic post, even for me! ๐Ÿ˜…

Anyway, today I went out to pick up an order at Hot Topic, making that into my walking for the day (over 10 km in the space of just under 3 hours, I took a break in the middle). This was my outfit for the walk, and I’m actually wearing pink tights because that skirt is way too short, but it’s harder to tell because โœจ filters โœจ. They’re pretty pink IRL though.

Because this is, let’s be frank, a school uniform, I felt a little awkward wearing it, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as many compliments on anything I’ve worn in recent memory. Between that and the recent weight loss, my self esteem is doing kind of okay. ๐Ÿ˜โœจ

Since I’ve basically put together an extensive punk wardrobe at this point, I’ve been wanting a couple of less basic chokers. I got this one today:

I also got one that is almost identical but it’s thin leather (this one is velvet) and rather than having the spikes all around like this choker, they’re only in the front –and they’re rainbow colored! That will fit a lot of my outfits very well. Actually I could just show the damn thing:

Speaking of outfits, after I got home and showered (it was very hot… I was literally dripping with sweat) I changed into another outfit for something special that I did in the afternoon. I’m pretty happy with this one as well (but, ignore the shoes… if going out, I’d be wearing my black boots):

I really like the changes to my wardrobe. My kid self is still there, though I definitely feel like I’ve switched headspaces to an older one. And that’s okay. I still like to draw my fursona in the younger range. But as far as the IRL me, I like my current headspace a lot. It just feels good, and different. And a bit more devious. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ In my same old, dumbass way.

I made sure to greet Christopher with his afternoon coffee the moment he walked in. โ˜• I’m so happy that he hasn’t worked late these past two days! ๐Ÿ™ After my chores were done, we played a couple games of Rummikub. We each won a round!

Then it was time to make dinner. I made chicken meatballs tonight!

Ready for the oven:

I wanted to serve some of Christopher’s favorite things to make him smile, so there was avocado and mozzarella cheese too. It ended up being a bit too much food, it was all surprisingly filling.

Now I’m just wrapping up chores and getting ready for bed…

Slowly we are getting through the week. I’m hoping we can have a relaxing, happy weekend with a few fun activities. ๐Ÿ’• Goodnight, everyone.

Snowy Littlefur Base ๐ŸŽ„ $15

Available here!

In anticipation of the holiday season, I have created a new base! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ… Here’s what you need to know about it:

This image is a PSD with a size of 2800 x 3700 pixels at 300 PPI. Its optimal print size is over 9 x 12 inches, but you could print it a good bit bigger without significant loss of quality.

Basic knowledge of a program such as Photoshop, Procreate or another program that can handle layers is required. You need to understand how layers work in order to have fun with this base –unfortunately, due to time constraints, I cannot teach you that.

This base includes a total of EIGHT ears and tails: Fox, Otter, Lion, Squirrel, Lop Bunny, Puppy, Bear and Wolf! But NO ALTERNATE SNOUTS/NOSES. If you pick the lop bunny ears for example, and want to make the nose be bunny-like, or remove the pawpads, you have to do that yourself. The is just the default nose and pawpads in the base.

The base body has two options. With and without diaper. If you pick the diaper option, you’ll need to erase a little bit of some of the tails to make it look just right.

There is also a paci option you can add!

You will note that there is a group named “Snow” which has the snowflakes and the piled-up snow at the character’s feet/bottom. There are two options for the piled-up snow depending on whether you used the diaper version of the base or not, so make sure you pick the right piled-up snow for the best look.


โ›„ Do not remove my signature and URL. Always credit me when reposting your finished piece (if possible, link to this page, but just crediting me as “marinaneira” is okay too.)

โ›„ No profit may be made in connection with this base. This means you can’t sell it, sell prints of it, use it to sell commissions, or pay someone else to color/edit it. It is for your personal use only.

โ›„ You may not edit this base to add any hateful symbols, lewd content or bodily fluids. This is my biggest rule. You will be banned from using my bases permanently if you do this, and may be banned from commissioning me as well.

โ›„ You can do anything you want with the line art to better match your character or vision as long as the rule above is followed.

Please do not ask me for other formats or to help you use this base unless something is actually wrong with the file. I’m really sorry but I just do not have time to teach you how to use it. I wish I could! For this particular base, it is only offered in PSD format. Using the PSD requires some basic graphics software knowledge.