Christmas โ€™21 [Advent Day 11] ๐ŸŽ„โœจ (And Other Stuff)

I’m putting everything together into one post today because sadly I forgot to get a photo of Buddy and Sarah in time. It was an unusually busy day. My mom in law and Christopher’s Grandma came over, along with our friend, and we all met up with my mom at the Texas De Brazil in Dolphin Mall for a really fancy dinner to celebrate 20 years of my mom and I living in the United States (though really it’s tomorrow –we arrived on December 12th, 2001).

On the ride there, I managed to snap this photo of the sunset. It was really pretty.

I only had a small piece of meat. I tend to fill up on sides here because they are so good…

Since we were celebrating an anniversary, we got a free slice of cake!

It was a really nice time, I’m so exhausted though. Work is just piling up around me. I hope this coming week I can catch up a little.