Christmas ’21 [Advent Day 24] ๐ŸŽ„โœจ

Today is Christmas Eve! While tomorrow is exciting too (we’ll go to Grandma’s and then to my mom in law’s for games and some Christmas evening fun and spending the night besides) today is the big day, in true Latin fashion. My mom is coming over with Russian salad and Piradziรฑi, little Latvian breads filled with bacon and onion (I think), and our dear friend, who is moving in with us in just under two months, is making the main meal (picaรฑa and rice and beans) which I will be helping with and Christopher too I’m sure. We’ll play games and maybe watch a Christmas movie and open all of the presents tonight.

When it gets to be almost time, I frankly stop caring about my own gifts though I’m still happy to get them. I am far more excited to give my family their gifts. And this year I really have something special for everyone. I don’t know how I can wait until tonight, I can barely contain myself.

Anyway, Buddy and Sarah made it to the tree with my present thanks to Fuit Gummi’s help! This is how I found them this morning:

I am going to miss Buddy and Sarah. Even if they can be a bit messed up sometimes, they tried so hard this year to make me smile every morning. I really appreciate every little thing they do. They are the perfect elves for our house.

I hope everyone has a very peaceful Christmas Eve and a Merry Christmas. This holiday is unusually special to me this year. There is so much promise for love and for happiness in the air right now for the months ahead. But I know above all I need to enjoy the present: nothing else is guaranteed. My husband, my entire family, my friends, while I have them, I want to treasure them. They are what makes my life so happy and worth living. I hope I never take this happiness for granted.