Blast From The Past! ๐Ÿ’™๐ŸŒž๐Ÿง‰

This week I visited my mom and spent the night! ๐Ÿ˜€ We watched a lot of Black Crows (the Netflix show about ISIS) and just relaxed together and snacked a lot (as usual).

My mom apparently placed an order on an Argentinean import website, and all throughout my visit she kept surprising me with wonderful little things from my childhood days, such as palitos salados (literally “little salted sticks” which I hadn’t eaten since I was a young girl):

She also had a legit Argentinean style frozen pizza but I didn’t like it, unlike Banchero’s which really tasted like proper Argentinean pizza.

The happiest surprise I had was an entire bag of Gallinitas (though in this case they were called “Gallitos”):

This means “little hens” and “little roosters” respectively, but the first is the more common name for them; and besides, it is a name that makes more sense. They are like little hard sugar chickens with syrup inside, on a waffle cone “nest”. It’s one of those treats you buy when you have literal pennies left to your name as a young child.

They are messy to eat and cheap tasting, but such a staple of childhood that I could never hope to get here, that I nearly cried when having them after so long. I’m trying to make them last.

Another highlight was having Giacomo Capelettini for dinner, the capelettini brand I grew up with. The flavor of them cannot be compared to American or even Italian ones. They are something else. Sometimes I wonder if some things I remember as tastier because I first had them as a child long ago. But stuff like this reminds me, food really is better there… but I’m still much happier living in the USA.

Another big surprise my mom had for me was a really nice quality Mafalda figure and booklet!

I’ll update this post later with more photos of these lovely items out of their packages.

Then it was time for the long-awaited Nintendo Direct!!

Earthbound, Chrono Chross, Klonoa, Live-A-Live and others were very exciting news for me in this Direct. It was a good one, I can’t wait to play these games.