LEGO Fun, Incredible Pets And More! ๐ŸŒˆ๐ŸฆŽ

Saturday morning we went out to do some shopping and have a really nice breakfast at First Watch. I really love this place, I miss Metro Diner so much and honestly it feels pretty much the same.

Here’s some photos we took during breakfast:

My boys being silly… ๐Ÿ˜

Then we came back to the house and played with LEGO! Christopher surprised me with two awesome little sets from Target. I started with the T. rex!

Meanwhile, everyone else began by working on the Haunted House set. Christopher was really excited about this one.

So many little bags. It’s gonna take a while to put this one together. Here’s the beginning…

After the T. rex, I began to work on this LEGO City Holiday Camper Van:

We had a lot of fun before heading out again!

For the evening, we had a reservation at Makoto’s. But before that, we visited Incredible Pets, since it is nearby. I always have mixed feelings about Incredible Pets.

On the one hand, I have never seen a pet store where animals are so well looked after. It doesn’t matter when you go: everything is impeccable, the animals have food and clean water, and look healthy, happy, energetic and playful. And I mean all the animals. Even lizards and snakes are so alert, that they show interest in people approaching the glass. There is never any smell. The place is very big and has a massive amount of animals so I can’t understand how they manage to stay on top of it to this degree, but they do.

However, I definitely have mixed feelings about the types of animals they sell. I do not doubt they do everything the legal way: there are plenty if animals you cannot buy without providing a special exotics license, and that aside they are thousands of dollars. But I see plenty of animals that should not, in my opinion, ever be sold as pets.

The lemurs belong to the store. They have a very large area, and always seem happy, clean, playful and well fed. They are super interested in anyone approaching them. But you know, one would still rather they were in the wild. They are so cute, though. Seeing them so close and watching them interact and respond is amazing.

Our partner was really taken with the ferrets, which are his favorite animals. They all wanted his attention and gave him chews and licks.

Here’s some video of him playing with them:

Possibly the most amazing thing in the store was the already-sold fennec fox. Its container was definitely small, particularly for the INSANE energy that was obviously contained within this little animal. It really wanted out, and it wanted to play with everyone. My guess is by now it is in a much bigger space, running to his heart’s content, and yet… not where he should be, which is sad.

But it was nice to see one in person. You don’t get to interact with a fennec fox like this in a zoo. While I wish the opportunity hadn’t been there, it was still kind of cool.

Here’s a little video of Christopher playing with it/trying to get its attention:

I think these are bearded dragons? They were super cute.

I got some cute video of them too:

My mom-in-law got a really amazing shot of her own!

Surprisingly with all the exotics around, my favorite thing that I saw were the degus. Perhaps they will be my next pet.

There were also tortoises, a dream pet of mine. So many and so small and cute.

I forget what these were called. But they were pretty neat too.

After we were done with Incredible Pets, we went to dinner.

On the drive to the restaurant, we saw an enormous eagle’s nest on a pole. It was kinda nuts!

Family photo while waiting for our table… ๐Ÿ’•

The meal was great as always!

After dinner we snuck in a bit more LEGO time. The Haunted House is now well underway!


Oh, and I finished my camper van!

We went home on Sunday. It was a really nice weekend!