It’s That Time! If You Like This Blog, Please Read…

I’ve never pretended that I write this blog for anyone but myself. I am its primary enjoyer. Writing the posts and revisiting them brings me so much happiness! But I have heard time and time and again from friends and strangers that my content brings them happiness, too.

This site does also serve as my portfolio. I choose as a host after trying many other options (one of which was hosting elsewhere using is NOT a cheap host for such an enormous website as mine is, but after trying different options, I feel it suits my needs best and should for a long time to come.

It takes me $300 a year to keep this site running. It’s worth it to me, but it is HARD to raise those funds every year. So, this year, I’ve allowed a little banner to appear for a while, at the top of the blog, which could allow a very generous person to sponsor it. You could also click here to do so.

I doubt anyone can just go and dump $300 on a random blog, so a partial donation via PayPal or Zelle ( works for either) would be equally immensely appreciated if you enjoy the content I post here regularly. Thanks for reading!

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