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There are two ways to read Meganeea. The book is published in the form of blog posts. You can click on each chapter title to be taken to a specific chapter, or on a specific volume to be taken to a page where you can scroll down all the posts (a.k.a. chapters) made under that volume’s tag in order of newest to oldest.

A Word Of Warning

Meganeea may at some point in time potentially feature certain themes, scenes and/or character dynamics that some readers may consider upsetting. Individual chapters will not contain warnings. The story will at times contain scenes that feature or reference murder, war, violence, natural disasters, and more. There may also be problematic character dynamics and problematic romantic relationships. The protagonists of the story may not always make the right decisions, not even the heroes and heroines. Not every character (antagonist or otherwise) will necessarily get a comeuppance. If any of these things would upset you, I would discourage you from reading. I write primarily to amuse myself, and anyone else who might find the stories enjoyable. For those who choose to visit Meganeea, I do hope you will find your stay entertaining.

Chapter Index

Click here to read Book 1 (All currently published chapters, from newest to oldest) or select a chapter:
Chapter 1: Time Begins
Chapter 2: Inside The Earth Dragon
Chapter 3: The Egg Hatches
Chapter 4: Little Faahvrigรผo
Chapter 5: Faahvrigรผo And His Mother
Chapter 6: Animosity
Chapter 7: Faahvrigรผo and Tekneea
Chapter 8: An Old World Dream

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