Horus’ Friends And Foes

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Horus – Horus’ Momma – Horus’ PopNib – Saffron


A very young knotted-dragon hatchling. He has a thick blue hide streaked with blood-red stripes.

Horus expects everything to be done for him and is fat, lazy and cowardly, but is basically good-hearted.

He is lost in the Deep Dark Woods and looking for a way home. He keeps the human girl Nib to โ€œhave as a snack on the way”, but in reality, he is too scared to eat her (or to be without her).

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Horus’ Momma

Mother to Horus and the head of the family. Practical and a fierce hunter with quite a few battle scars, she is a loving, tender wife and mother who rather enjoys homemaking.

She guards her treasure hoard jealously, and is often concerned about her hatchling’s wellbeing and future.

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Horus’ Pop

Father to Horus. Pop is mild mannered, loves to read and enjoy the finer things in life, such as drinking wine, reading, and knitting.

Although concerned for his sonโ€™s future, he generally holds a more relaxed view of things than his wife, and trusts that Horus will find his way to proper dragonhood.

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An eleven year old human girl. Lean, stringy and rather tall for her age, Nib is everything Horus is not: brave, hardy, and selfless.

She is the daughter of a blacksmith, and an apprentice to him, but wishes to become a knightโ€™s squire in the Kingโ€™s court. 

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A young cyclops, little more than a toddler, but already with a strong sense of purpose and responsibility.

Saffron is currently the only child in his tribe, which only produces progeny every few hundred years. As such, he is adored by all and subjected to the very varied parenting styles of all one hundred and seventy five members of the tribe, from austere and stern to smotheringly loving. He is eager to take his place in the tribe as a hunter and make all of his mammas and poppas proud.

Saffron speaks very fast and in a sort of pidgin that can be difficult to understand, but he seems to know a little bit of every language spoken in the Deep Dark Woods.  He often talks to himself.

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