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There are two ways to read The Tale Of Horus. The book is published in the form of blog posts. You can click on each chapter title to be taken to a specific chapter, or on the first link below Chapter Index to be taken to a page where you can scroll down all the posts (a.k.a. chapters) in order of newest to oldest.

A Word Of Warning

This story acknowledges the fact that in times of old, dragons used to have human beings for lunch, dinner, and sometimes breakfast if there was enough left over for the following morning. While there are few dragons left in our day and age, the young reader should not be concerned for their welfare in the event of running into such a creature. Dragons have long renounced people as part of their diet, as manโ€™s habit of eating too many processed foods has made its meat less palatable and prone to cause indigestion.

Chapter Index

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Chapter 1: The Dragon Hatchling
Chapter 2: What Happened the Next Morning
Chapter 3: The Dragg’n Catchin’ Pit

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