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More Pokémon Violet Thoughts 💜🌈


As I might have mentioned here or elsewhere, I decided to continue playing Pokémon Violet partly because my friend Shelly got Scarlet upon my urging, partly because there are some aspects of the game I do enjoy, and partly because I want to be able to say “yes, I played the whole game” to people that are discarding the negative opinion of the game overall from players like myself that are so put off by the performance issues and poorly rendered graphics (which, I should note, is me comparing with prior Pokémon games: this franchise was never great in terms of visuals, but I felt prior entries were better, particularly Sword and Shield).

Another reason is that I’ve heard great things about the story, even from players who, like me, had a lot of issues with the game overall. I want to experience that story, and whatever else is good here, in spite of the bad. 😊 At my core I am a hardcore Pokémon fan since I was 15 years old (now almost 40). I’ll almost always enjoy a Pokémon game that is at least playable, even if plagued with issues like Scarlet/Violet are. It’s just that I don’t want to let my fan rosy-colored glasses make me unable to give the series criticism, especially when it is deserved.

My criticisms don’t mean “if the bugs didn’t bother you as much as they did me, you’re too easily satisfied”. They don’t mean “my experience is more valid than yours”. It is simply my experience, and I’ve never had such a buggy one playing Pokémon, ever, so I cannot simply ignore that, even if I am having fun otherwise.

🌈 Mystery Gift Pikachu 🌈

I downloaded my flying tera Pikachu so as not to miss out on it, but it was promptly boxed. I don’t care for this tera stuff. I really liked Gigantamaxing my Pokémon though… it was so silly. I’ll miss that.

🌈 Psyduck Pal 🌈

One of my favorite things in this game so far have been the Psyduck waddling all over the place. I am very fond of Psyduck, they were my first best friend’s favorite Pokémon. I couldn’t resist adding one to my permanent team for this gen. Just look how cute!


I name all my Pokémon. I named him “Ouchie”.

Following me around…

🌈 Exploring The World 🌈

The open world has a lot of shortcomings, all of which are better documented elsewhere. I was able to, at times, to completely lose myself in the moment, however. I don’t feel that the areas are too sparsely populated. There do seem to be too many items lying around though.

Here are some screenshots from when I was just enjoying getting lost, or enjoying the scenery.

🌈 School Life 🌈

I don’t have much to say about the whole school thing, except HOLY FRAME RATE, BATMAN. Ouch. Otherwise, I mean, it’s ok. I took a class or two. I have some screenshots.

I didn’t mention it until now but I should add I finally got my trainer looking “right”. I don’t have freckles IRL but I liked how they looked here, I like her colors. I wish for a skirt, but it is what it is, I’m much happier with this outfit than I was at the beginning of the game.

I admit, when Nemona took my to my room I had a moment of “oh man, I can’t wait to see how I can customize this room!” before I remembered what game I am playing. 😞 Lol.

🌈 Miraidon 🌈

Miraidon continues to be adorable. I was so put off by the “robotic” aspect of him at the start, but he’s so cute.

I do wonder how he processes organic food, however.

Finally got to ride him!

A little video…

🌈 First Gym Battle 🌈

My eyes are up here, pal.

The olive roll thing was silly, but easy enough. I do think battling some trainers before getting to the gym leader should be something you are forced to do. In general, though it’s annoying, the whole “we locked eyes –we must battle!” aspect of Pokémon is something that always felt important to me.

Not much to say about Katy. Her hat design was cute.

My trainer’s eyebrows make all selfies look like she’s being forced to take the photo under duress, I find it hilarious.

🌈 Picnics 🌈

I’m trying to concentrate on the good here… I’m trying… but I find picnics one of the worst aspects of this game, so inferior compared to camping, WHAT HAPPENED?? And the graphical issues jump out even more than at other times. Anyway have a cropped screenshot of me interacting with my new Goomy, Booger. I struggled a lot to catch one.

Miraidon napped during picnics. Again, being adorable.

🌈 Pokémon In The Open World 🌈

Along with getting hopelessly lost, a wonderful bonus of this game are the Pokémon roaming the open world, interacting with it, and with you, the trainer, in different and interesting ways.

Some are curious, some are shy, and some are aggressive. I enjoyed that.

🌈 Fuecoco 🌈

My Fuecoco, Scorchy, continues to grow strong and cute. Here he is taking a nap after running around.

I also got to terastallize him for the first time.

🌈 Bugs 🌈

Though usually minor, the bugs I’ve encountered definitely have taken me out of the moment. For me personally, the low frame rates are the worst. It is very, very annoying every time I notice it.

I’ve also had Pokémon clip through the floor pretty regularly:

Or float –sometimes a little, like in the example below, but sometimes a lot.

The worst bug is one I wasn’t able to capture. When the camera got too close to my face in one specific spot, my trainer’s face broke in a true body horror manner, floating teeth, the works, it was horrid, but every time I tried to screenshot it, all I got was an empty background, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 🤷‍♀️ It was really something though since the face filled the entire screen. Lol.

I’ll have another post of my playthrough soon! I’m also still playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, and other games to a lesser extent. They are not abandoned, I just hop from game to game.

Pokémon Violet: First Impressions

TL,DR: The game is fun. It is also broken, embarrassingly so. It is very deserving of criticism, on which I go into full detail below. Should you get it? Your mileage may vary. Is it worth $60 if you’re not a hardcore Pokémon fan? IMO -not really. Not in its current state. Am I enjoying it? Yes. But I am a hardcore Pokémon fan, and that makes ignoring some of the issues somewhat (but not completely) possible.


The starters in this game are all very cute –a bonus. I do hate all their evolutions though. 🙃

Starting the game…

First, I’m going to get the more fun stuff out of the way. As mentioned above, they did great with the starters. They are all simply lovable.

My choice was made before I even started the game up, though. How could I not pick this doofus?

He just looks so happy.

I’ll never evolve him. He’s so adorable! I named my Fuecoco “Scorchy”, though for a short while he was jokingly named “Taco Bell”.

Something that surprised me was Miraidon. When I first learned about this Pokémon I frankly hated everything about it. I also don’t like that we are stuck with this Pokémon (or Koraidon if you have Scarlet) for getting around. But I didn’t expect it to be anywhere near this loveable.

Or to literally manhandle me:

And I do like being able to take my Pokémon out of its ball:

This is cute, but similar fluff in previous games had much more appeal to me. It’s alright, though.

👎 And Now For My Griping 👎

I am sad to agree that it is not the best looking or playing Pokémon game I’ve experienced and particularly bad for any Switch AAA game. “Not the best” would be okay, really. The issue is that it’s the worst. By far.

I think I can absolutely love the Pokémon franchise and still offer valid criticism, and this time around I feel that criticisms are being WAY too easily brushed aside as “fans being fans”.

The stuff that is happening should in no way be acceptable for a $60 game one of the world’s best-selling media and video game franchises with a total revenue of $90,000,000,000 and counting. I’ll grant you that this is the entire franchise and not just videogames, but it’s still one of the top in that regard, currently somewhere in the neighborhood of 440 million at the smallest number I could find for video game sales ONLY.

It should be OK to voice that. It should not be brushed aside as “Pokémon fans being Pokémon fans”. And it should be OK to ask that they do better, we all know they can. Or rather, to ask Nintendo to give Gamefreak enough time to do the job they can do so well.

I’ll happily wait twice as long for a better game. And if fans who voice these complaints then whined about how long a properly finished game takes to build, I’d absolutely call that “Pokémon fans being Pokémon fans”, but that is not what this is.

On my end, I have experienced lags, my character sliding instead of walking, townspeople stuttering along rather than properly walking (in low populated areas!) Pokémon disappearing in and out of existence on the field, and gems like these:

(I slid off the wall after that scene.)

I love Pokémon. I want the franchise to continue to be awesome. This is not awesome, but it’s an OK game, I’m having fun. But I don’t feel emotionally invested at all the way I normally do because the glitches take me out of immersion again and again. I really loved Sword and Shield, and those games had valid graphical criticisms too, but they didn’t detract from my experience the way this one does.

I’ve only experienced mild issues yet, it might get worse (and has indeed been getting worse as I continue to play). This shouldn’t be happening, but I don’t blame the developers, I don’t think they are lazy. I think the deadlines being given are unrealistic and we are seeing an evident drop of quality as a result. We have been seeing it for a while, but only now is gameplay being genuinely affected, and I believe Nintendo needs to fix this immediately.

Even the most favorable reviews I’ve seen mention these issues to some degree, so I really hope Nintendo takes it to heart and allows the next game to be in development as long as needed, as well as release a patch to fix whatever is causing the worst problems. This beloved franchise deserves it!

Btw, I decided to not allow comments on this post because I don’t want to get piled on by the people that dismiss criticism as “hating”. I don’t hate the game. But I would bet money that even Gamefreak developers are upset at this release, that was likely rushed below their standards to meet a holiday shopping deadline.

Anyway, many years ago, I took a break between Pokémon generations and skipped like two of them. I may skip at least the next one to see if they get their act back together, and just play stuff in my backlog like Nexomon or Monster Crown instead. 😀

Hopefully I’ll finish Violet though… I’ll keep you posted! I do find humor in some of the bugginess, and since it’s not like I can’t make it disappear, I suppose that’s a good thing.

More Sims 3! 🌈🏡

As I recently mentioned, I started playing The Sims 3 (my first Sims game, actually) a little while ago. I actually decided to give it a try after watching this video by Izzzyzzz, which I recommend as it is very amusing and interesting:

Anyway I began by making my husband and our partner and they turned out scarily accurate to real life:

Here are some shots of our in-progress Victorian McMansion:

Here is the inside:

I also created all four of our cats. Later after working on the house a lot I decided to let everyone in… I didn’t realize that as soon as they started interacting with stuff it’d get annoying to try to switch anything around. 🤦‍♀️

As soon as I let them do their thing for a while, hilarity ensued. Every time Christopher went outdoors, he became miserable. Our partner kept harassing Tomoyo, and she kept tearing him up, no matter what he tried. He also tried to cook mac ‘n cheese and failed miserable, then left it to rot on the kitchen counter.

I have more screenshots but wanted to share at least a little bit for now. It’s really fun so far!

A Happy Time 🍟🍔

Tonight I had a bit of a party by myself! 🍔✨🍟🐊🌈

I installed The Sims 3 (I had never ever played a Sims game in my life) and got a Pikachu Happy Meal like all the cool kids have been doing.

Here’s my goodies!!

I really like the cards I got! ✨✨✨

After my very adult dinner I poured myself a sippy cup of Gray Whale gin and yuzu tonic to have with my Welch’s Fruit Snacks because I gotta tell you the Sims is F’D up, for someone who knew nothing about it I was shocked by how quickly things devolved into absolute chaos.

I played with a pre-set family this time, but next time I’m gonna create my own!

Time For More Pokémon Dungeon: Rescue Team DX! 🌳

This is such an unexpected gem for me. I really did not think I’d love this game so much and every time I sit down to play it (in short bursts) it makes me so happy. Anyway, I’ve accrued a number of screenshots to share with you guys.

If you don’t want any spoilers for this game, don’t read this post, please. I post screenshots freely and without further warnings or a cut, below.

I will die for Caterpie in this game… ✨🥺✨

I find the little interactions between Pokémon very rewarding to seek out. 😊

It’s also a nice/interesting detail that Dugtrio refers to themselves in the plural. 🙂

Got the statue a little while ago but haven’t been able to recruit one yet:

Not having a camp handy to recruit him was such a bummer!! 😫

It’s time to battle Zapdos! ⚡

“Oh s**t maybe not”

They are so stupidly cute!! 😭💕💕💕💕

A few more cool shots of the battle…

I’ve been grinding a bunch, now finally moving the story along!

This was funny. I defeated one Ledyba, and then recruited it. So it suddenly turned to attack its former mates! Then got confusion and attacked us again. 😆🐞

It seems I’m gonna be playing this game until I’m done with it because it is just so darn enjoyable and relaxing. So expect more blogging about it. 😉

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

I’ve started to allow myself to play my backlog without worrying about what I do or don’t finish. I’ve accumulated more and more games, not allowing myself to enjoy new games until I completed old ones. But I’m starting to feel that this is not the way to go about it. In particular, because I am slow player, so it creates a very discouraging situation for myself, for no good reason.

Some of my backlog is a bit ridiculous, such as the case of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a game I desperately wanted to play, and yet, due to my own weird “rules”, kept in my shelf unopened for two years. 😓 I did finally start playing it, and will share screencaps below!

I’m also letting myself be a bit sillier with certain choices, I take my games far too seriously sometimes. 😅 Anyway I was very happy that I could choose to be a Totodile (one of my all-time fave Pokémon) and have a Cubone as my partner, another all-time fave. I named Cubone after my first Cubone ever from many years ago.

As for my team name… lol… interestingly, it wouldn’t let me do Smegma Ops but was ok with Smegma Ltd for some reason:

I think I played one of the Mystery Dungeon games before and didn’t enjoy it. And yet I am absolutely LOVING the style, cuteness and gameplay of this one. Caterpie is too adorable!

To wrap up the earlier topic though: In my childhood, I completed very, very few games. And yet, I have extremely fond memories of the games I played that I didn’t complete. For example, I never finished Chrono Chross. I don’t think I ever even got far with it. But my memories of the times I played it are strong. Intensely so. I teared up when it was announced for Switch.

One of my favorite PC games is Princess Maker 2. My progress with this game was always minimal. I replayed the same parts over and over. That enjoyment counts for something, I think. Right now I’m simultaneously playing a whole bunch of games. I am happier this way. I only make a rule not to play more than one visual novel at once, because I want to be properly absorbed by the story.

But as far as other games, I’ll be playing at least a few at a time going forward!

Jurassic World Evolution, Pokémon Legends: Arceus & More! 🎮🌈

Time for a gaming update! I’ve been trying to game more, because I have such a backlog. To that end, I made a new gaming-only Twitch account:

As well as an accompanying Twitter:

On this post I’m going to catch up on my gaming of the last few weeks. 😊

🦕 Jurassic World Evolution 🦕

I finally started playing Jurassic World Evolution. I love it!

Originally, I wanted to try it right as Jurassic World Evolution 2 was about to come out, so I asked for that as my only Christmas present from Christopher, and waited.

Well… I found JWE2 unintuitive, difficult, and just plain boring, since I couldn’t progress through the campaign. After being so hyped, I was so disappointed. Nonetheless, when JWE1 went on sale, I decided to get it and try. It was a huge difference for me! I put 10 hours in it in less than two days and got my first island to four stars. I did have some hiccups but got past them so much more easily.

Also, as soon as I created my first carnivore it immediately escaped and ate three people because I didn’t build the fence correctly. Whoops.

Once I beat this game I’ll likely try to go back to JWE2 and see if, with a solid understanding of the original, I do better at the second one.

⚔️ Pokémon Sword ⚔️

I FINALLY finished Pokémon Sword! That didn’t take long at all. Okay, in fairness I didn’t touch it in months.

CW: Some Pokémon Sword spoilers below I guess? Not really but still. Kinda.

Can I just say I really love the atmosphere in a lot of scenes in this game…

Curry time! Making curry for my Pokémon is kinda pointless (well, for the most part) but it’s still fun (and makes me crave real curry, every time):

I was so happy to see Bede come back at the end. He was my favorite character, honestly I wish he had been the main rival.

Here’s a few more shots I just really liked.

This was ultimately my winning team. I had to evolve my Mudbray to beat the game.

Here are all my favorite screenshots of the end of the game:

It didn’t bring me to tears or anything (I don’t think a modern Pokemon game can do that to me, unfortunately) but it was still fun. Might even get the expansion pass eventually.

Also –it had been so long since I started playing this game that I completely forgot how pretty the starting area is:

I’m done with Sword for a while, at least. Time for Arceus!

🗻 Pokémon Legends: Arceus 🗻

I got this game for Valentine’s Day. So it’s high time I put some hours in it!

It’s really pretty looking, though I’m not sure if it’s as polished as Sword/Shield. Somehow it feels like it isn’t? But that doesn’t make much sense. Don’t get me wrong though, it is clearly beautiful:

Also I love the shifty eyes everyone is giving you at the beginning:

My biggest gripe currently, coming out of Sword, is that I keep pressing the wrong controller buttons. But I’m sure the more I play the more I’ll get used to it. Right now it feels like it’s gonna be a very grindy game… but we’ll see!

⚙️ Chrono Cross Get! ⚙️

Finally, after weeks (actually, months?) of waiting, my copy of Chrono Cross arrived from PlayAsia! I’m so, so, SO super excited to revisit these memories!

That’s all I’ve got to share with you for now, gaming wise. Hope to catch you when I stream next!