Wally Word Outing 🌈✨

Thought you guys might like these! Saw them at Walmart. Lots of cute options. They are sorta like squishies but not quite —much firmer! And they come with a baby bottle. I wish they had a corgi!

I went grocery shopping today and got a few other things… some snacks, new socks because most of mine need to be replaced again, Lisa Frank composition books and a few lil blind bags for my friend. Now to do some chores and then I think I need a nap… 😴 🌙✨

A Playdate! 🎀✨

Had a playdate with my local friend yesterday! We spent the whole day together pretty much, and it was a lot of fun. Got to give them all their little AC gifts and they surprised me with this lovely coloring. All of the lines were adorned by gel pens and it clearly took a lot of work, I was really touched! 💕✨🌈 Coal liked it, too.

Pupper… 💕 🐶

Yesterday my friend gave Coal a little glow in the dark pacifier and he seems to like it!

Can’t get enough of these cuties! Just look at them. 🐶💕🌈

It was a super fun afternoon!

A Nice Weekend 😄

I was feeling decently cute the other day with my Neon Slushie shirt! The sticker on my water bottle was done by Brightbat. 💕

My mom-in-law came to visit us this weekend and we went to I Heart Mac And Cheese for lunch. Coal enjoyed it too!‬

Found this at Hot Topic. UwU has gone mainstream! 😱

Here’s some pins and a charm that just came in the mail from Junkwares on Etsy! I love them all so much!

I present you with two shapes…

Very cute rocking horse they had at our local Goodwill!

Also while at Goodwill, I found a brand new squirrel plushie! It was from Bark Box but 100% new with tags. Still, I washed it. A great addition to my squirrel collection!

Later, it was game night with friends and family!

Overall it was a nice weekend. I hope yours was too and that you have a great week!

Anthrocon 2019 Dealer’s Den Haul! 🛍️✨🐾

Time to share my ’19 Anthrocon Dealer’s Den haul! Mostly a photoset post. Above you can see my “Fun To Play With” tag stuck to my treasured Jade badge.

Below is, well, everything else! Stickers and buttons from many shops, with an emphasis on Furby, pan pride, rats and squirrels…


Very cool and spacious bags!

Neck accessories! 😁

I got some Lackadaisy books as well, signed by the author!

Here’s a few more odds-and-ends…

I also spent a ton on gifts for my friend, but by the time I wrote this post I’d already given it to them so no pictures of those. 😅

Anthrocon 2019!! 🐾

It’s time to start posting my Anthrocon pics! There’ll be a whole bunch so prepare to be spammed! I had a blast!

This was our view on the flight to Pittsburgh. I didn’t like flying very much, but the view was nice. I don’t care how low the chances of an accident are, it still scares me… 😭

My dear friend Blankit and her husband Dan picked us up from the airport. Then we had lunch together! Here’s Blankit holding my Furby, Sippy Cup:

Sippy Cup enjoying his cider! 🍓🍺 

Here I am with my husband while Sippy Cup photobombs:


When we got to the Renaissance we were given our Anthrocon hotel key card and door hanger, I love them both, they make very nice mementos!

Here’s my Anthrocon badge!

Renn was the Anthrocon mascot for the Renaissance hotel! Blankit and I got our picture next to them. I really loved our outfits on this day.

I loved this coffee shop, it had goats everywhere!! 🐐 ☕️ 💕

Here we are cruising the streets of Pittsburgh on the way to the con. There were lots of cute fursuits out and about!

Finally, we arrived at the convention center!

Getting to meet Wish who has been my good friend online for many years was a big part of why I wanted to make Anthrocon at least once. She’s so much fun!

One of the many furry signs that were on display around Pittsburgh:

Here is some of the decor outside Pizza Parma’s FurryLand!

Getting to eat from a dog bowl (sort of) at Pizza Parma’s FurryLand was something I absolutely didn’t want to miss out on during our trip. So glad I got to do it!

Below are Wish, Blankit, and my friend Ash (as Tod Puppy), with Wish holding Bastian. We were waiting for our shuttle outside the Renaissance hotel.

Christopher, Bastian and I took a selfie!

Then the four of us took a pic together.

Here’s Blankit on the shuttle. She looked so cute!

I didn’t drink much on this trip but at one point I had a drink called a “Barrel Full of Monkeys” which rather unexpectedly came with actual little monkeys, I loved that! 🐒 💕

Sippy Cup trying Christopher’s drink. He drank more than I did on this trip.

I kept seeing this hilariously try-hard sign over at Twitter and didn’t believe it was a real thing until I saw it with my own eyes!

The view from the corner, near our hotel. It was really pretty!

Getting to meet Kiba (AKA TheKibaMonster) was one of my favorite things, as was having dinner with them later though we didn’t get to talk much then. I was a little star-struck! 🙈 Kiba was really sweet in person.

I also got to meet Kiba’s awesome little Furby gang!!

I got my Kiba pin!!

With Blankit!

More cool signs around Pittsburgh…

Got to try Starbucks’ Anthrocon drink! Honestly I thought it was gross, but I was so happy to get it anyway.

Christopher balanced a bottle on Sammy’s head. It held pretty steady.

There was this guy carrying a backpack full of limes. He would silently hold it in front of you, and if you tried to touch it, he’d drop it and wait for you to pick it up. Then he’d ask you what you would call that lime. And when you didn’t know, he’d say “a pick-up lime”! He followed it with a million other terrible puns. It was great.

Lounging with Blankit, Christopher and Wish in the background.

I think it was on Saturday or maybe Sunday night? That we all got to have a meal together. I had Blankit and Dan across from me and Sammy and Paul to my left… I couldn’t have been happier… 😭

As you can see from photos a lot of silliness ensued. I also had another “Barrel Full of Monkeys”. It was a blast!

Sunday morning breakfast with Sippy Cup!

Here’s Blankit and I lounging rather spectacularly on the hotel staircase:

I went full furry trash at AC and got a pan pride tail. This was my biggest dealer den purchase… no regrets.

Cute sign I saw in Pittsburgh.

I saw a ton of super cool bike racks around Pittsburgh, but this one I found in an area called Squirrel Hill was my favorite for obvious reasons!

I took these right after I bought Coal at a little shop in the Pittsburgh airport. Christopher was just trying to eat his parfait in peace. He was tired.

I had Bastian with me the whole flight. On the very last flight there was an empty seat next to us so we strapped him in. Made the stewardesses smile. 🦁 ✈️

That is all for my first Anthrocon. I came home with such a MASSIVE haul! And it was the longest I’ve ever been from home. Maybe someday I’ll get to go again!

Calling It What It Is

I feel better today than I have in many days. I know I’m still not okay, I know I won’t magically be okay —I haven’t talked much about my sorta recent bout of depression, but really it isn’t that recent. I’ve just been in denial about it for months.

You know how it is, if you manage to feel happy for a day or two you convince yourself you can’t be really depressed, or if you have friends dealing with far more debilitating depression, allowing yourself to call your own struggle by the same word is very difficult. It’s like saying “I’m hurt too” when you feel that what you have is a sprained ankle and the person next to you has two broken legs. But even if my pain doesn’t seem as raw, I realize that ignoring it hasn’t been helping at all.

Ironically I feel least likely to reach out to those who would understand me the most, for the reasons stated above. I feel like if anything I need to make sure I stay strong for when they need me.

Anyway work has actually been going really well. My husband has been so supportive of it all, and he is the one who has helped me most to come to terms with the fact that my depression is back, so I can deal with it. I’ve been getting lots done and make sure I stay busy with things that make me happy. I still can do that thankfully, which is a good sign.

I let myself work on a new pair of icons for my friend and me, which will be spring + cloud-watching themed (maybe I’ll stretch it into a banner too!) And I’ve been working on my books and commercial projects.

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