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My Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚

Todayโ€™s my birthday! I finally got to open the box with my birthday bear on it (Wilfy, whom Iโ€™ve named Toby). The outfit I put together for him fit him really well! I think heโ€™s got to be one of the nicest Charlie Bears I have ever seen.

I also got to open the gift from my friend Riley. The second Escargot book! Itโ€™s so cute and I canโ€™t wait to read it with Christopher. These picture books really are a must for any snail lover.

I really wasnโ€™t expecting to get to go anywhere today. Though I was so happy to get my new bear, it was a really sad and also very stressful day. Iโ€™m gonna go into more details about that in a later post.

But our friend Kris very generously offered to take us out both to distract us and to celebrate my birthday. He let me pick anywhere I wanted. That was a huge treat as well as seeing two of my best friends. It really made a bad day end a lot better. It felt a little odd to dress up to go out given the circumstances but I tried to be kind to myself.

I hadnโ€™t put together an outfit in a while and Iโ€™m really happy with this one. I took MoonPie along:

We went to The Tavern. Our table was lovely, next to the fireplace, but the light also made it hard to get a good picture, as you could tell in the photo:

I had a fancy drink:

Sorry the photos are so bad, the light was really poor as I said… anyhow, it was a nice enough evening after such a day. Now Iโ€™m 37. Happy Birthday to me!